Process and Control

To perform finance, accounting, and planning functions cost-effectively in the U.S., organizations must combine automation, simplification, and outsourcing. USJP helps clients optimize these processes and can perform selected CFO and internal audit functions on your behalf, ensuring efficient and effective financial operations.

Business Process Outsourcing

The COVID-19 pandemic forced companies to adopt remote work, necessitating the standardization of business processes and enhancement of information security. This shift led many to consider outsourcing finance, accounting, order fulfillment, and other routine tasks. USJP assists companies in evaluating the feasibility of outsourcing, selecting and retaining onshore or offshore partners, and transferring knowledge to partners. Once the outsourcing begins, we monitor the performance of outsourcing partners, and continuously enhance their effectiveness on behalf of the client.

Contract CFO Services

USJP performs selected CFO or Corporate Controller duties for smaller organizations lacking finance employees with advanced knowledge.These tasks include analyzing financial performance, preparing and tracking budgets, maintaining accounting and corporate policies, coordinating with external auditors, and drafting reports for the parent company. By complementing the skill sets of Japanese employees from the parent company and local accounting staff, USJP supports the enhancement and stable operation of accounting and corporate planning functions.

J-SOX Evaluation and Internal Control Enhancement

For companies who have limited Internal Audit resources in the U.S., USJP collaborates with the parent company, subsidiary management, and external auditors to perform annual J-SOX independent evaluations on behalf of the clients. If control deficiencies are identified, USJP assists control owners and the management in developing and implementing remediation plans. Rather than repeating the same set of tests each year, USJP works with clients to continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the control activities by introducing best practices and seeking ways to rationalize processes and controls.

Internal Audits

Companies conduct internal audits for various reasons, such as legal compliance, fraud prevention, quality control, and cost reduction.However, Japanese companies often lack sufficient internal audit capabilities in the U.S. USJP performs internal audits and assists with the remediation of deficiencies. We also help the parent company's internal audit team understandU.S. local business practices and conduct audits collaboratively. USJP also conducts risk assessments of the U.S. operation and recommends appropriate audits.

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