People and Organization

We help clients understand the evolving expectations of their current and prospective employees. We assist in developing organizational structures and HR systems designed to attract and retain high-performing employees.

Designing a Growing Organization

To thrive in the rapidly changing U.S. market, an organization must make swift management decisions, improve customer service, and streamline business processes. USJP works to understand each client's goal sand current situation, proposing the necessary organizational changes to foster growth. We assist in updating organizational structures, decision-making processes, performance evaluation criteria, and PDCA cycles.

Workplace Enhancement

The pandemic reshaped workplace dynamics beyond just hybrid work. To attract top talent, companies must adapt to evolving employee needs. USJP helps clients understand high-performers' changing expectations and identifies gaps in areas like career growth, work-life balance, and culture. We then collaborate with management to implement plans addressing these critical factors. Embracing the post-pandemic workplace landscape fosters an engaging environment for employee satisfaction and retention.

Compensation Design

As technology reduces simple, repetitive tasks, many organizations now rely on a smaller number of highly capable employees. LeadingU.S. companies retain these star employees by offering superior compensation packages. However, many Japanese companies, unused to preferential treatment for a select group, risk losing top performers. USJP assists your management team in analyzing leading practices to attract and retain high performers by updating work policies, compensation plans, and performance evaluation processes.We also help develop short- and long-term incentive plans to help your best employees stay engaged and committed.

Business Process Outsourcing

By outsourcing routine non-core tasks, management can dedicate their limited time and resources to critical functions such as product development, sales, and customer service. As technology advances, an increasing number of companies are outsourcing not only payroll, warehousing, IT, tax, and call centers but also accounting and order processing operations. However, to ensure the success of outsourcing initiatives, it is crucial to identify the appropriate processes and partners. USJP conducts an objective analysis and assists in partner selection, contract negotiation, and knowledge transfer for seamless outsourcing aligned with the client's needs.

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