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Strategy and Management

The following are some of the services USJP provided to Japanese companies in the U.S.

Executive Advisory (Durable Goods)

USJP assisted a company’s CEO and CFO who were seconded from the parent company during their first 1-2 years of assignment. USJP attended monthly manager meetings and select executive meetings to understand the company’s goals, initiatives, challenges, and culture, and provided comments, case studies, and best practice when requested. USJP also regularly met with the CEO and CFO on an individual basis and helped them to deal with any unfamiliar issues. Both the CEO and the CFO acquired the knowledge of local business practices in a relatively short time and enhanced their management skills.

Visioning and Leadership Development (Leisure Equipment)

USJP led a team of middle management executives to develop a future vision for the company as a part of the effort to revitalize the company, to build a more progressive business strategy, and to develop the next generation of leaders. After a series of workshops and assignments over a four-month period, a new vision and strategy were developed. Employee morale improved, especially at the middle manager and supervisor levels. The CEO identified several candidates for the future management team.

New Market Entry (Entertainment)

USJP assisted an entertainment company to analyze the U.S. market and prepare a feasibility plan for similar entertainment venues that the company operates in Japan. USJP assembled a team of professionals that consisted of a market research analyst, an architect, a food/restaurant consultant, a lawyer, an HR specialist, and a financial analyst. The team collected, analyzed, designed, and prepared a business plan that addressed strategic, artistic, marketing, operational, and financial aspects of the proposed plan in three steps.

U.S. Reorganization (Electronic parts)

USJP assisted executives to analyze the new organization and service structure for their North American operation. The company used to have six facilities across North America to cater to the needs of their clients. However, many of these clients moved the majority of their manufacturing functions overseas. As a result, the current network of facilities and people were no longer providing products and services in an effective manner. USJP assisted the executives to understand the operation, service, people, cost, and image aspect of a potential combination of facilities and prepared multiple scenarios and pro-forma to assist in the decision-making process.

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