Corporate Transaction

We assist our clients in growing their U.S. businesses by supporting the acquisition of businesses and assets and forming joint ventures. Additionally, we help clients raise funds by disposing of off-strategy assets.

U.S. M&A Plan Development and Execution

USJP analyzes the feasibility of entering or expanding businesses into the U.S. market and helps create a realistic plan. We assess the size, growth potential, competitive environment, and entry barriers of the market segment under consideration. We also assess the ability of the client to manage the acquired business and identify target candidates. If a suitable target company meets the client's requirements, we negotiate to secure the best structure and conditions. Our goal is to achieve the client's long-term business objectives by facilitating an appropriate agreement between the client and the target company. As needed, we introduce the client to lawyers, appraisers, and industry experts, or provide them as part of the USJP support team.

Acquisition Due Diligence

For any contemplated business acquisition, it is critical to perform thorough due diligence on legal, financial, and operational matters to understand both the upside potential and downside risks. USJP typically assists clients with due diligence for $10-50 million transactions where the target does not have audited financial statements. Beyond financial due diligence, USJP can help with management and operational due diligence, preparation of summary financial schedules, abbreviated value analysis, and ongoing support for the acquired entity post-transaction. In some cases, USJP can also arrange for legal and technical due diligence.

Post-Acquisition Operations Support

While many acquisitions USJP supports are closed within a year, it often takes several years for the Japanese acquirer to fully realize the acquisition objectives. This is especially true when the Japanese acquirer is a public entity, and the target is a privately held U.S. company.Differences in scale, culture, and management styles between the parties can present significant obstacles. As a member of the client's operations or integration team, USJP assists in analyzing these differences, building trust among employees, and designing and implementing management and operational structures, systems, and processes that work for both parties.

Asset Disposition

USJP assists Japanese companies with the sale of their U.S.businesses or assets. USJP reviews the company’s situation and market conditions to determine the optimal ways to dispose assets. We organize the information, prepare a offering package, and approach potential buyers directly or in collaboration with other advisors specializing in the respective industries.USJP supports the negotiation with the potential buyers and facilitates the due diligence and closing processes by coordinating services by attorneys, banks, appraisers, engineers, and other specialists to complete the transaction.

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