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Information Technology

The following are some of the services USJP provided to Japanese companies in the U.S.

IT Strategy Development (Automotive Parts)

USJP collected current information and service needs of a client’s customers, analyzed potential future needs, assessed the current IT systems, and developed a five-year plan to upgrade various systems, IT organization, and IT policies and procedures. The company implemented the plan to prioritize projects more logically and allocate the budget more effectively.

Packaged System Selection (Electronics)

USJP defined the information and systems requirements based on a company’s business plan, identified potential software packages and vendors, and worked with the company team to evaluate and select a new ERP package and an implementation partner. The company proceeded with the implementation efforts with a clear understanding of the costs and risks.

Packaged System Implementation and Custom System Development (Facility Maintenance)

USJP implemented a cloud-based ERP package and developed a tablet-based service maintenance system for a client. This company was maintaining heavy equipment in a rural part of the country where cellular and internet service were not available. USJP developed a set of custom applications used by the service technician to perform maintenance and repair and connected to the new cloud-based corporate system to exchange information about service work and part usage.

Cloud-based Accounting Systems (Real Estate)

USJP evaluated and selected a set of cloud-based software to replace a 20-year old on-premise accounting system and spreadsheets. We documented key requirements, evaluated alternative systems, negotiated, and retained a cloud service provider and implementation partners. USJP facilitated design, set up, integration, test, and training steps. Users, including those with limited computer skills, are now using an integrated system that includes approval workflow, expense reports, payable, accounting, and a management report accessible from any location with appropriate security.

Global SAP Implementation Support (Medical Equipment)

USJP assisted the U.S. part of a global SAP implementation project for a client. The parent company was developing and implementing a global SAP ECC6.0 system using a template approach. However, the implementation consultant retained by the parent company did not have experience in implementing for medical companies in the U.S. USJP assisted the parent company’s consultant to identify the unique needs of the U.S company, then assisted the U.S. company by reviewing and improving design and plan documents prepared by the parent company’s consultant at each step of the implementation project.

Interim IT Manager (Food)

USJP worked as a client’s interim IT manager. The client had approximately 40 employees and was using several IT vendors to acquire, develop, install, and maintain network, application, and telecommunication systems. However, the company did not have a manager with adequate knowledge to select and manage these vendors. As the interim IT manager, USJP deployed two consultants on a part-time basis to support employees, identify and prioritize projects, formalize helpdesk processes, standardize systems, and develop vendor management processes.

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