Information Technology

The evolving IT landscape poses challenges and opportunities.We assist clients in implementing practical IT solutions tailored to the nature of their U.S. business, enabling streamlined operations, superior customer services, and a competitive edge.

Strategic IT Plan Development

The role and value of IT continually evolve. Businesses initially invested in IT to automate processes and reduce expenses. Then, they used IT to analyze data and prepare management information. Today, more organizations leverage IT to enhance customer experiences and create new revenue streams.USJP assists management in defining a long-term IT vision supporting your business strategy. We analyze your current IT state and develop a 3-5 year roadmap. The roadmap typically includes plans for enhancing IT infrastructure, application systems, team skills, information security, and ultimately ROI ofIT investment.

IT System and Vendor Selection

With cloud computing becoming the norm, IT system shave transitioned from ownership to utilization. The U.S. boasts some of the most advanced IT systems and a growing number of cloud service vendors.However, few can meet the high service standards expected by Japanese companies. USJP analyzes your company's environment and needs and assists in the selection of suitable systems and vendors. We consider factors such as functionality, ease of use and maintenance, scalability, reliability, and cost to ensure the best fit for your organization.

System Implementation PMO

Implementing or upgrading ERP, CRM, and other systems can have significant impact on long-term success of company's U.S. operation.However, successful project completion requires understanding not just the technology, but also business process improvement, employee skill development, organizational change management, vendor management, and global project management. USJP acts as a leader or member of the project management organization (PMO), complementing the client's resources to ensure project success.

SAP Enhancement and Upgrade  

SAP has been global leader in the high-end ERP since the 1990s. Most majorU.S.-based companies use SAP in some form. However, many Japanese companies do not have adequate ERP knowledge and implementation experience to fully utilizeSAP's potential and struggle to achieve a return on investment. USJP leverages consultants with over 20 years of SAP implementation experience to support the local implementation of the global template developed by the parent, S/4 HANA upgrades, set up of additional functionality, configuration changes, and user training.

Contract CIO

To fully leverage information technology, a company needs an executive who understands both business and technology, can guide theIT department, and collaborates with both local and parent company management. However, finding such an employee with these skill sets is challenging. USJP offers clients experienced IT professionals who perform selected CIO functions on apart-time basis. This provides clients with CIO-level services at a lower cost than hiring a full-time CIO.

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