Strategy and Management

We leverage our extensive experience assisting Japanese corporations across various industries to help our clients prepare and execute effective business strategies for the U.S. market.

U.S. Business Strategy

The U.S. is a critical market for many Japanese firms, offering new business models and lucrative opportunities. However, succeeding in this competitive landscape requires understanding the environment, assessing one's strengths and weaknesses, setting ambitious goals, developing a logical go-to-market plan, and executing it promptly. USJP collects and analyzes necessary information, supporting management in developing effective strategies based on facts. We assist in achieving goals by monitoring progress and providing guidance to fine-tune plans as needed. Our approach empowers Japanese companies to navigate the dynamic U.S. market successfully, capitalizing on emerging opportunities while mitigating risks.

Digital Transformation

We believe digital technology will advance even faster this decade, reshaping industries. Even companies with the best products must reinvent their business models to stay successful. USJP collaborates with your management team to analyze the impact of digital technologies on your company and identify transformation opportunities. We explore possibilities foroffering additional products and services, changing your value proposition, and creating new partnerships. Together, we develop and implement plans for transformation.

Customer Experience Enhancement 

Many Japanese companies have succeeded in the by leveraging superior product quality and competitive pricing. However, as industries mature, competing solely on product features is becoming more challenging. Customers now select products and suppliers based on ease of doing business and other non-product-related factors. This expectation for better customer experience extends beyond the B2C to the B2B segment. Japanese companies must offer a superior customer experience to sustain their success.USJP analyzes your customers' purchase processes and helps you enhance their experience. We assist in designing the organization, business processes, and supporting systems to deliver effective branding, marketing, sales, service your customers expect.

CEO Advisory 

Managing the U.S. side of the business can be challenging for executives from the Japanese parent company. They often have limited experience in overseeing the entire operation while juggling tasks such as growing revenue, keeping employees happy, reducing expenses, managing risks, and reporting to the parent. Although some of their experience from Japan is applicable, American customers, suppliers, partners, and employees have different expectations and communication styles. USJP works side by side withJapanese executives to resolve issues and enhance their management skills, ensuring effective leadership in the U.S. operations.

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